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Running the executable

After install the bootloader on the ARM7 board, following the steps presented in Section [[#2.3.1, the application is ready to be executed.

The bootloader automatically executes the binary from an SD-Card that is inserted into the ARM7's SD card slot at boot time. Therefore, it is necessary to write the application code into one SD-Card with the name app.bin inside the SD-Card root folder. To boot into the executable make sure the following conditions are met:

  • The SD-Card is at most 1GB in size (larger Cards are SD-HC and do not work);
  • The SD-Card is formatted with FAT32 file system;
  • The executable is stored as the file

inside the SD-Cards root folder.

To control the bootloader's work it is easiest to connect to the ARM7 board over UART (115200Baud 8N1) and watch the status messages.

With the SD-Card insert to the SD-Card slot of the board containing the correspondent app.bin file in the root folder, the next step is to press the button Reset in order to execute the application. The Reset button is located in opposite side of the CAN and the RS232 connectors in Figure 1.6.