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So here it is established, the Concept Car's wiki.

The Concept Car, presented in Figure 1.1, is an experimental embedded system. It is a research platform based on a remote control car and several resources allowing deployment of different classes of applications.

This wiki describes the Concept Car, its structure, components, software and hardware architecture and functionalities and presents in a detailed way how to develop and deploy applications for the car.

The corresponding SVN can be accessed this way. This should be a gathering point for all documentation.

1 - Concept Car Architecture

 1.1 - Mechanical System
      1.1.1 - Engine
      1.1.2 - Radio Control
      1.1.3. Steering System
 1.2. Electronic System
      1.2.1. CAN Bus
      1.2.2. Sensors
      1.2.3. Electrical Control Units
    ECUs implementing Sensorboards and Actorboard
    ECU implementing Controlboard
    Emergency Safe-State Board

2. Application development and deployment

 2.1. Platform Independent Application Development
      2.1.1. Simulink models
    Software Application Code Generation
 2.2. Platform Specific Code Generation
 2.3. Application Deployment
      2.3.1. Flashing the ARM7 board
      2.3.2. Deployment
      2.3.3. Monitoring execution

3. Adding resources to the Concept Car

4. Bibliography

Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.

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